About Us

Who We Are

After years of experience in international pharmaceutical industry we have decided to focus on improving health and wellness of community to prevent diseases to happen. Through engaging professional R&D units and edge of technologies we discovered best compositions for protecting health of wellbeing for all family members. Having the highest quality in our priority, we produced our products in the best manufacturing sites with best quality standards and GMP. Here in Phoenix Pharma we strongly believe that our customers’ benefits are preferred to ours.

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Our Vision

Being number one in every market we are active in, by bringing together quality, affordable price and customer satisfaction.


Our Mission

To bring joy and happiness to our customer families thorough our wide range of high quality products.


Our Values

Optimal performance, high standards manufacturing, put our customer’s benefit prior to ours.

Scientific Verification

We verify and confirm the overall effectiveness of our products through science-based testing, authoritative literature review, and the latest discoveries in modern medicine to formulate the real need of our customers.


We provide an excellent level of formulation and development for our products. That produces our quality ingredients through strict quality control and assurance. To continue our constant drive towards improvement and growth, we conduct post-market case studies to evaluate the performance of products. Through this system, we can stay on top of our customer’s satisfaction.

High-Standard Manufacturing

We stand by our strict quality control process to give you responsible manufacturing. Researching new technological advancements—to follow our finely tuned production processes that maintain the superior quality we promise you. Our products are manufactured in state of the art facility, according to EU cGMP standards to meet the high-quality standards that our clients deserve.

Regularly Tested for Optimal Performance

Our formula is tested and verified to give you the maximum level of revitalization to solve nutrient deficiencies and support your overall well-being. We endorse this system through frequently maintaining our superior formula with strict regulations.

Healthy Family

We offer dietary supplements and medicines to support members of your family. Providing family health with Libido & Fertility Enhancements, Pregnancy Vitamins, Infant Vitamins, Kid Vitamins, Infant & Kid Supplements used as digestion and appetite. We also provide wide range of products for family healthy life.

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