Product Code : SSA-10125

Female Fertility Enhancer

Phoenix ActiWomen is a fertility enhancing supplement designed for trying-to-conceive women. Helps restore hormonal balance, supports reproductive wellness, and optimizes your chances for conceiving.


ActiWomen enhances the functionality of the female reproductive system.

It is indicated as an adjunct in the treatment of different situations, such as:

  • PCOS(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)and its related events (amenorrhea, oligomenhorrea, hirsutism, androgenetic alopecia, acne);
  • Couple Sterility;
  • Patients undergoing cycles of ovulation induction in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation;
  • Conditions of insulin resistance and pre-diabetic states;
  • Type II diabetes;
  • Metabolic syndrome associated with PCOS.

Myoinositol may be useful in the treatment of PCOS patients undergoing ovulation induction, both for its insulin sensitizing activity, and its role in oocyte maturation.

Chiro-inositol is able to improve significantly the quality both of the oocytes and of the embryo  ;then other scientific evidences have highlighted as appropriate doses of DCI are able to reactivate spontaneous ovulation with a consequent increase of the probability of conception ,both alone and in combination with gonadotropins.

Adequate amounts of folic acid reduce the risk of neural tube defects at birth when consumed as part of a healthy diet before and during early weeks of pregnancy.

Healthy Melatonin levels are necessary for optimal fertility. Eggs, like all cells in the human body, are exposed to free radicals that can cause DNA damage. Melatonin actually acts as an antioxidant in the ovaries, removing free radicals and preventing cellular damage.”


Ingredients Per 1 Sachet (mg) RDA%
Myo-inositol 1950
D-chiro inositol 50
Manganese 1 180
Melatonine 1
Vitamina B6 0.7 53.8
Chromium Piconilate 0.04 160
Folic acid 0.2 50

*RDA – Recommended Dietary Allowance 

Direction of use

1 sachet half an hour before bed time.


Food Supplements must not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not exceed the advised daily intake.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Not recommended for children.

Not recommended in case of allergy to any constituent of the product.

Seek professional advice before using if you are under medical supervision or have food allergies.

Do not take with Clomid or fertility drugs. 

Begin taking immediately and take continuously throughout your cycle. 

Discontinue use once pregnancy has been confirmed by urine or blood test.