Product Code : STA-10122

Libido & performance enhancer

This is a supplement for men’s libido enhancement, useful to increase sexual desire and to improve sexual performance.


Phoenix Viatex contains a synergistic formula comprised by Saffron, which has a relaxing effect and increases libido, also particularly effective in erectile dysfunction, including amongst men who take antidepressants; Maca that significantly improves libido; Pycnogenol and L-arginine that increase levels of nitric oxide in the sperm and of testosterone in the blood; plus Fruiflow® an ingredient that promotes peripheral blood flow.


Ingredients Per 2 tablets  %NRV
L- Arginine AKG 450 mg n/a
Saffron Saffractive® 2% safranal (Crocus sativus,) 200 mg n/a
Fruitflow® (Solanum lycopersicum) 100 mg n/a
Maca (Lepidium meyenii) 75 mg n/a
Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris ) 60 mg n/a
Pomegranate fruit extract (Punica granatum) 50 mg n/a
Vitamin C 25 mg 31
Quercetin (Sophora japonica) 25 mg n/a
Pycnogenol ( Pinus pinaster) 20 mg n/a
Zinc 10 mg 100
Vitamin B1 2.2 mg 200
Vitamin B2 1.4 mg 100
Vitamin B3 16 mg 100
Vitamin B6 2,8 mg 200

%NRV Nutritional recommended value

Direction of use

Two tablets 30 minutes to an hour before intended function.


This product does not substitute a varied dietetic regimen essential to a balanced food regimen and a healthy living.

  • Don’t exceed the advisable daily intake.
  • Keep the container in a cool and dry place, out of the reach and sight of children. Once opened keep it in the fridge.
  • Not recommended in case of allergy to any constituent of the product.
  • Do not purchase if seal is broken or damaged.
  • When using nutritional supplements, please consult with your physician if you are undergoing treatment for any medical condition.